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You invested a lot of talent and hard work into an invention, mark, book, or song. The last thing you want is for someone to literally steal your idea. Discover how working with an intellectual property attorney can help you protect your original work.

At the Law Office of L. Jack Gibney, I can help you with filing for a patent, trademark, or copyright protection. I can also help to resolve patent disputes and other related matters involving intellectual property law. Contact my office in Jacksonville, Florida, today for a free consultation. I proudly serve clients throughout the area, including residents of Gainesville and Tallahassee.

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Protecting your invention, brand, or creative work is often essential to a business's or inventor's success. At Gibney Law, I am totally dedicated to helping you protect your intellectual property and the financial value that it represents.

Let's protect your competitive advantage.

Generally speaking, intellectual property rights enable the person who produces an idea to protect that idea from encroachment or use by others. This protection, of course, enables and encourages the development of new ideas.

The protection that is available will depend on the exact intellectual property involved. At the Law Office of L. Jack Gibney, I focus on the following areas of intellectual property law:

Each of these areas is controlled by different statutes, some federal and some state. Additionally, the courts have construed various portions of the statutes in an effort to produce uniformity and consistency so a working knowledge of this case law is important.

I believe a long-term approach should always be considered when deciding issues of intellectual property. An improperly or partially perfected intellectual property right could prove useless. This would jeopardize the work that was necessary to produce a particular idea and ultimately lead to little or no protection for the inventor, creator, or author.

In order to achieve the maximum protection for your intellectual property, specific recommendations concerning issues of intellectual property should be made by a registered patent attorney. The recommendations should be based on the objective of a business goal or plan, and the achievement and implementation of it.

At Gibney Law, I am experienced in intellectual property law and am prepared to assist you in navigating the complex rules and procedures of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Schedule a free consultation with me today at my office in Jacksonville, Florida.