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Workers' Compensation FAQs

 A common question is what to expect from a mediation
but let me answer some other questions as well:


Who exactly is a mediator?

  • A mediator is an attorney who is familiar with the worker’s compensation system

  • A mediator is NOT a Judge

  • A mediator is not allowed to give legal advice

  • A mediator is bound by confidentiality


What exactly is a mediation?

  • A mediation may be court ordered or voluntarily arranged

  • A mediation is NOT a trial

  • No evidence is presented at the mediation

  • Both of the parties never get all that they want from a mediation

  • The parties have the option at the end of the mediation to simply walk away without a resolution


What are the pros and cons of a mediation?

  • One of the big pros is that the injured party know exactly what he or she will receive

  • Another pro is that a settlement allows the injured worker to get back to his or her life

  • A con is that there must be some compromise to settle the case

  • A (possible) con is that the injured worker must usually resign from the employer