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Creating Families through Adoptions with Care

Are you looking to fulfill your dream of adoption?  At Adoptions with Care, we are instrumental in making these wonderful moments a reality. We understand that the process of adoption can be overwhelming and confusing; but we are here to help. 

From the home study through the final decree, we are there for our families, giving them the attention and caring support they need. Call us today at (904) 717-6325 to see how we can help you take that first step toward adoption.

Adoption Law

Adopting a child is a life-changing event for a person, and placing a child for adoption is the most selfless act a birth mother could perform. At the Law Office of L. Jack Gibney, we understand that the adoption process changes the lives of everyone involved—including the adoptive parents, family members, the birth mother, and the adopted child. 

We are dedicated to helping families throughout North Florida and South Georgia with their adoption needs. It is for this reason we feel privileged to assist people with their experience, easing the adoption process for people whose very happiness rests on such an enormous matter. If you are looking to adopt, or are a birth mother making the decision to have another family raise your child, adoption attorney L. Jack Gibney can help you.


It is not uncommon for a guardianship to take place prior to the adoption or a child. Guardianship of a child by a family member or a friend of the family, may be a good option if the parents of the child need some temporary or long term help with raising the child.

Guardianships may also be appropriate for an adult, if the adult is incapacitated mentally or physically.

For more information on guardianships for a child or an adult, please click the link below.


When you decide to adopt a child, you take a major step that will tremendously impact your life. The Law Office of L. Jack Gibney acts as your advocate through the adoption law process—as well as with Social Security law or our other practice areas. We will give your case the attention it deserves.


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